Welcome to a collection of hard-to-find Rottweiler gifts! The very best realistic Rottweiler figurines are showcased here, and only the collectible figures- for you to own and cherish!

Find large Rottweiler statues for outdoor use (in the garden or yard), realistic Limited-Edition Rottweiler figurines, music box figurines, or other novelty Rottweiler gift figurines here!

Being passionate about the "classic German Rottweiler" look, this store has preferred criteria for featured items (at least a few- or all- standards are met by each item):

1. Ultra-realistic sculptures with accurate body proportions and faces.

2. Fine details (life-like eyes, fur pattern, paws, etc).

3. Large in size (8 inches or larger).

4. Discontinued. Most items are "vintage", meaning they are at least 20 years old. A favorite artist/studio of this store is "Living Stone, Inc.", who was prolific, creating Rottweiler figurines as far back as the 1980's... but is no longer in business! Because these items are so rare, they are highly valued, and usually more beautiful than contemporary figurines that are made almost exclusively in China.

5. Signed by the artist or studio through engraving (not just a sticker on the underside). Signature engraving is typically found near the bottom rim of a figure.

Pride is taken to supply detailed photographs, text descriptions, excellent packaging for shipment, and insurance for all orders. Shipping and insurance are both provided free for customers! Customers should always be comfortable before, during, and after an order!

And this party has the Rottweiler Point of View (running the show)!

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