Mexican Rottweiler Figurine "Big Head Rottie" 6.5 in. Adult Laying 01F

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Age depicted in this Rottweiler figurine is an adult.

Gender is unisex.

Expression is smiling with mouth open and shiny pink tongue. This is the same open-mouthed look that Rottweilers have on a hot summer day. 

Eyes are glossy black. 

Body proportions are accurate, with a slightly exaggerated large head and neck. There are many wrinkles on the edges of the face and the backside of the neck, accurate to the breed. Markings are painted a vivid yellow. 

Pose is laying down. Front paws are naturally positioned- asymmetrical. Head is turned slightly to the left and upward. Back legs are both tucked to the left side of the body.

Size: L 6.5" X H 3" X W 2.75".

Weight: 10.9 oz. 

Outdoor or indoor use. 

Material is plastic. 

Artist/Studio is unknown.

Year of production is unknown.

Made in Mexico. 

No flaws.