Rottweiler Figurine "Bloody Meal" 6.25 in. Adult Sitting 01E

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Age depicted in this Rottweiler figurine is an adult.

Gender is male (anatomically correct).

Expression is smiling, grateful, jolly, and anticipation in the eyes. Open mouth and visible tongue. Tongue is red (simulating blood from a raw meal), and teeth are slightly red, too. The smile is grateful, jolly, with some anticipation in the eyes.

Eyes are glass and realistic, looking straight ahead. 

Body proportions are realistic. Fur pattern is detailed, with markings that are light tan. Chest markings are far apart ovals. 

Pose is sitting. Head is turned to the right side. 

Size: H 6.25" X L 4.75" X W 3.25".

Weight: 1 lb. + 12.7 oz. 

Indoor figurine use only.

Material is resin or polyresin, with glass eyes.

Signed by artist Andre Lagendyk.

Year of production is 1992.

Made in country is unknown.

No flaws.