Large Rottweiler Figurine Vase "Courageous Mother" 8.5 in. Adult w/ Puppies 12D

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Age depicted in this large Rottweiler figurine is an adult female with 2 puppies, 8 weeks old or younger. Illustrative figurine with an outdoor story. Mother is standing in a rocky wilderness with dead trees and vines.

Expression of mother appears defensive, watching for predators, and worried. Expression of puppies is in awe of butterfly and care-free.

Eyes of mother are exaggeratedly large in size, looking upward.

Body proportions of this Rottweiler mother are lean, looking underfed. Rottweiler puppies look plump and healthy.

Pose of the mother is standing, with an alert body posture. Puppies are laying down and sitting, playing with a large butterfly.

Use as an indoor flower vase, hollow. The left side of the mother has an intentional hole- for placing a flower or small cluster of flowers down into the hollowed tree stump.

Size: H 8.5" X L 8" X W 4.75".

Weight: 1 lb. + 4.9 oz.

Indoor use only.

Material is plastic on a light-weight wood base.

Artist unknown.

Year of production unknown.

Made in China.

Flaws are small scratches on lacquer of the wood base's edges. No other flaws.