Rottweiler Music Box Figurine "Guarding the water bowl" 5 in. Adult Sitting 01I

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Age depicted in this Rottweiler music box figurine is an adult.

Gender is unisex. 

Expression is serious, stern, but almost smiling. Eyebrow markings are angry.

Eyes are glossy black. The gaze is looking straight ahead, and slightly upward from a down-turned face.

Body is realistic, but its proportions are on the lean side. This could illustrate a story of a hungry dog's need to guard a rustic water bowl- which was discovered outdoors- with a possessive posture.

Pose is sitting behind the water bowl (which is simulation of a wooden bucket made of planks held together with metal wire), with one paw cupping the rim. The body is leaning forward, almost hunched over, as if the dog wants to tuck the bowl in closer to its body. The base is whimsically sculpted in 3-D relief all around the circumference. It portrays an outdoor setting- with realistic looking mud, moss, long grass, and what appears to be cattail plants. 

Size: H 5" X L 3.75" X W 3.75".

Weight: 11.5 oz. 

Indoor use only.

Material is resin or polyresin. 

Signed by artist/studio Living Stone, Inc. with "LS00" on backside view. The indented marking indicates Living Stone ("LS") and created in the year 2000 ("00").

Year of production is 2000.

Made in China.

No flaws. 

Song on this music box is fully functional, playing a short melody repeatedly. A whimsical, airy, melancholy, and water droplet reminiscent song.