Italian Rottweiler Figurine "Night Awakening" 4.75 in. Adult Sitting 01C

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Age depicted in this small Rottweiler figurine is an adult.

Gender is unisex, but appears masculine due to the thicker neck. 

Expression is alert, startled, and looking almost "bleary-eyed" as if awakened from sleep. Appears to be frowning and serious.

Eyes are glossy black, and life-like.

Body proportions are realistic. Slight exaggeration of broader shoulders and narrow hips. Wide chest markings. 

Pose is sitting down, but legs are pointed toward the right, as if hips are at an angle while sitting. Arms are very widely set, as if struggling to get up from laying and become stable. 

Size: H 4.75" x L 4" x W 3.25".

Weight: 10 oz.

Indoor use only.

Material is resin or polyresin.

Signed my artist/studio Castagna. 

Year of production is 1989 (Copyright imprint signature on body). Copyrighted also in 1988 (sticker on underside).

Made in Italy.

Flaws are minor paint chips on paw's nails.