Rottweiler Music Box Figurine "Doggie in the window" Song 6.5 in. Sitting Pup 01G

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Age depicted in this Rottweiler music box figurine is a puppy at 8 weeks old or younger. 

Gender is unisex.

Expression is a crooked smile, which looks uncertain. 

Eyes are glass, and wide-eyed. The classic "eyes full of wonder" puppy facial expression. 

Body is realistic and plump, with a big belly, true to puppies. The chest marking is simply a swirl downward. Eyebrow markings are curved shapes. Head has the "dome" shape (between the ears), a head shape of young pups. Tail is intact.   

Pose is sitting. The head is tilted slightly upward and turned to the left. Legs are at a wide stance.

Size: H 6.5" x L 5.75" X W 4.5".

Weight: 2 lb. + 12.9 oz. 

Indoor use only.

Material is resin or polyresin.

Artist is unknown.

Year of production is unknown.

Made in China.

Flaws are sparse tan paint on tan marking zones.  

Song on music box is fully functional, playing "Doggie in the window".